AI, Anyone?

Recently got interested in AI, particularly how far it has gone.  Now I’m wondering if we are close to having the ultimate AI that closely resembles a human being.  I have some background on AI (well sort of) during my university days a long time ago :).  I did work on a thesis on fingerprint recognition that requires advanced math skills (e.g. Fourier transforms, etc.) but good thing there is already an IBM PC that time to do that for you.  I also met someone doing his Masters thesis using neural networks to train a computer to just check a multiple choice exam.  If I remember it right, he is using the back propagation algorithm.  Don’t quote me on these, I never did try to understand all these stuff at that time, plus it’s actually advance to me.  Fast forward today I see there are already a bunch of algorithms that were created and different ways to train an AI and I would be interested to check them out and see for myself if I can create my own AI that I can train from baby stage to adult stage.  I have this opinion that it will take years to train an AI just like how we humans learn.  I think in an AI, there are many different areas that a machine learning need to be applied.  Ultimately, an AI needs to learn how to learn all these stuff.

So I started this post just to compile my findings on the latest technologies / tools related to AI.  So far here are some of them and I will continue to update this as I discover more.

  • A cheat sheet listing all there is right now in AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data.  It will give you an idea on what has been done or currently being done.
  • A program in Python implementing neural networks.  Mind you this is really very technical and requires time to understand.  I noticed that Python seems to be the language of choice for machine learning, but I only stumbled upon a few.  Have to dig in some more.
  • There is also Microsoft Azure Machine Learning which would be interesting to check too.

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