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PK-7098 Patch Kit/8 Patches 0.8565 2.2900 Tires and Tubes Patch kit Details
TT-R982 Road Tire Tube 1.4923 3.9900 Tires and Tubes Road Tire Tube Details
TT-T092 Touring Tire Tube 1.8663 4.9900 Tires and Tubes Touring Tire Tube Details
TT-M928 Mountain Tire Tube 1.8663 4.9900 Tires and Tubes Mountain Tire Tube Details
WB-H098 Water Bottle - 30 oz. 1.8663 4.9900 Bottles and Cages Water Bottle Details
CL-9009 Bike Wash - Dissolver 2.9733 7.9500 Cleaners Bike Wash Details
BC-R205 Road Bottle Cage 3.3623 8.9900 Bottles and Cages Road Bottle Cage Details
SO-R809-M Racing Socks, M White 3.3623 8.9900 M Socks Racing Socks Details
SO-R809-L Racing Socks, L White 3.3623 8.9900 L Socks Racing Socks Details
CA-1098 AWC Logo Cap Multi 6.9223 8.9900 Caps Cycling Cap Details